The House and Gardens


The gardens at Willow Springs Ranch are one of the best kept secrets of the southwest. The shaded paths wind you though thousands of blooms. Your senses are stimulated by the sound of birds singing, a soft breeze through the trees, and the smell of roses. Although some of the original plantings are over a hundred years old, the main flower garden was designed 40 years ago by  the Nataros family. Currently, it is not opened to the public year round. We are so excited to share “the Secret Garden” live! Over twenty different varieties of roses and many other blooms await you.


One of the historic landmarks of the WSR  is the original adobe style ranch home that was remodeled  by Richard Morse in the 1930's. Among the ranch's illustrious owners was Count Cecil Pecci-Blunt of Rome.   The last restoration of the home was completed in the early 1980's by Ann Nataros. The home boasts  one of the best vistas of the Catalina mountains and also the ranch's own mountain range, the Black mountains. The oasis garden is home to roses, other flowers, fruit and shade trees  and song birds make this a huge migration home and stopover  in the desert.