Mesquite Coffee Table

The Willow Springs Ranch Collection

Our mesquite furniture is reclaimed from the bottom of three reservoirs in Sonora Mexico.

Our mesquite is kiln dried to less than 5% moisture content, guaranteed.

Being under water for over 40 years makes the wood become more stable, helps the glue to adhere better, and allows for a truer color uniformity.

A single log is used for each piece or set of furniture, which insures color, grain and species match.

Use of a single log also insures a dimensional stable and aesthetically pleasing product due to the wide variety of mesquite species.

All joinery is mortise and tenon construction: this true male to female construction insures the structural integrity of a piece of furniture.

To provide an aesthetically pleasing look, the furniture only has full-length planks on table tops and no corners are cut during building by using butt joints.

Rather than use polyurethane, lacquers or varnish finishes, our furniture has only the best wood finish, which was achieve with a hand-rubbed Danish oil finish.

Whether it’s living room or dining room furniture, many of these items are in stock at all times.

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