Historic JB Moore Crystal Navajo Weaving

The Willow Springs Ranch Collection

GHT 2309

Health, happiness and prosperity to the tribe. The swastika motif goes back thousands of years in human culture. The swastika dates back 6,000 years to some cave paintings, it is one of the oldest symbols that has been created by humans.

The Tale of the Whirling Log: The swastika represents a tale of a man who flees from his home after he and his family have a disagreement. He traveled by canoe down the dangerous river that was known to have a river monster. After some time he was dragged to the bottom of the river by this monster, but was rescued by the Gods and was returned home. After sharing his experience, he and his family were overjoyed to be reunited. His story and the lessons he from it brought health, happiness and prosperity to the tribe.

JB Moore Crystal with Whirling logs.  Circa 1910-1920. 


Weaver Unknown Navajo
Date circa 1910-1920
Size 53" x 103"

Collections: Rugs and Tapestries

Type: Unknown Type

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