The Willow Springs Ranch Garden Gate by Diana Madaras

The Willow Springs Ranch Collection

Diana Madaras captured the magic of the Willow Springs Ranch Chapel gate. This painting takes your mind to what is behind the gate, the painting continues into the courtyard behind. It makes you wonder "what is back there?" In the foreground Diana delicately captured the shade cast by the pomegranate trees onto the iron gate, the shadows make a delicate dance of swirls on the ground. This painting is spectacular and it can be yours in your home! The canvas print comes in a variety of sizes so you can hang it on any wall. 

  • Artwork is printed onto canvas for your viewing pleasure. 
  • Image above photographed by a family member who resides at Willow Springs Ranch. This image was taken at a separate time from Diana's painting. 

Collections: Diana Madaras, The Gardens Collection, Under $55

Type: Unknown Type

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